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2002: Osteoporosis in the workplace


The 2002’ Invest in your bones – prevent the first fracture’ campaign emphasized the importance of taking action to avoid a first fracture. All too often, osteoporosis remains a silent disease – with people unaware that their bones are becoming progressively weaker and prone to fractures. The campaign messages:

  • Take early action to prevent a first fracture
  • After a first fracture there is a cascade effect- with fracture patients highly prone to further debilitating fractures. Nevertheless, fewer than 10-20% of all people with osteoporosis receive timely treatment
  • High hospital and treatment costs make it cost effective for health services to prevent the first fracture than to treat fractures, and their repercussions.

The burden of fractures was underlined by the thematic report ‘Osteoporosis in the workplace’ which looked at the social, economic and human costs of osteoporosis on employees, employers and governments.



Thematic Report