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2005: Exercise


World Osteoporosis Day 2005 was dedicated to the all-important topic of physical exercise – a key contributing factor to bone development and maintenance throughout life, as well as to osteoporosis treatment and falls prevention. Under the call to action ‘Move it or Lose it’, the campaign sought to draw public attention to the specific role of weight-bearing and muscle strengthening exercise in:

  • Building up bone in young people so they can achieve their highest possible peak bone mass
  • Maintaining bone and muscle strength in adults – also as a key osteoporosis prevention measure
  • As a critical factor in helping the elderly and people with osteoporosis remain mobile and active, and helping to prevent falls through muscle strength and better balance.

Numerous public service announcements by well-known personalities were filmed. A special Beauty and the Bones press event leading up to World Osteoporosis Day featured seven beauty queens from around the world, with bone health messages directed to young girls. The world’s first Latin-beat osteoporosis song ‘Un Cuerpo Sano / A healthy body’ was written and performed by Latino pop singer Erica Ender.



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