fbpx 2008: Advocate for Policy Change | World Osteoporosis Day


2008: Advocate for Policy Change


The first of a two-year bone health activism campaign, World Osteoporosis Day 2008 sought to mobilize public opinion to generate change and improvement of osteoporosis healthcare policies in healthcare systems around the world.

Featuring the ‘Stand Tall – Speak out for your bones’ call to action and thematic report, the campaign called on healthcare authorities worldwide to:

  • Recognize osteoporosis as a healthcare priority
  • Spread the message the more needs to be done by national governments and health insurers to promote early detection and offer reimbursement of much needed therapy for those with osteoporosis
  • Call on individuals to take responsibility for their bone health while supporting the work and advocacy efforts of their national osteoporosis societies



Thematic Report

Campaign Report