fbpx 1st online meeting for WOD 2020 | World Osteoporosis Day



1st online meeting for WOD 2020

Three online meetings (October 8th, 15th and 20th), will consider all aspects of the pathology: the first will see patient associations as protagonists to know the views of the sick, their problems, their needs and needs, the basis on which to start to improve the management and care of osteoporosis; in the second, clinics will highlight the views of professionals, among new goals and difficulties, therapies and diagnosis Innovative, treatment protocols and disease management methods; the third meeting will finally take place with representatives of the institutions to learn about initiatives and objectives, new strategies and weaknesses, what can be improved and how, to arrive at a better osteoporosis care and management in our country in partnership with UCB Pharma.
At these events a press conference will be held on October 19th, which will talk about ′′ Let Your Bones Win ", an important awareness campaign on bone fragility and osteoporosis promoted by Fondazione SIRMO, APMARR and SeniorItaly, in partnership with Amgen Italia.