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VIBMOR osteoporosis clinical trial

Whole body vibration (WBV) is a novel therapy that has been shown to improve bone mass in animal studies. Some human research has also reported promising findings but a large enough study has not yet been conducted to know for sure. Exercise is known to be beneficial for bone but its effect in combination with vibration is unknown. We have been funded by the government to run a trial to examine vibration, exercise and a combination of the two. We are currently recruiting women from the Gold Coast and surrounding regions who are aged sixty or over, at least 5 years post-menopause and have low bone mass (we can test you for this). You will personally benefit from your participation by receiving a series of free bone density and body composition scans to an approximate value of $1000. You will also be provided with free estimate of your daily calcium consumption. Please register your interest on the website or email vibmor@griffith.edu.au.