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Victor Grigoryuk

Victor Grigoryuk is 75 years of age and a renowned actor in the Russian Federation. Having suffered through spinal and two hip fractures due to underlying osteoporosis, below, Victor shares his personal story and advises the younger generation to take action for prevention:

“When you are young and healthy, you don’t want to think about anything bad, because it seems that your life will continue as it is forever. Alas, sooner or later, the time comes when each of us will face an unexpected disease or condition. From an early age I was engaged in theatrical activities, and for more than thirty years I starred on stage and in films. I tried to do everything myself, without the help of stunt men. But once, during a performance, the poorly fixed stage scenery collapsed. I fell to the floor and broke my spine. This is where the difficulties that a person never wants to have began for me.


I had to stay in bed for a long time, I felt helpless and weak because I lost my independence. I needed help constantly. I lost the opportunity to do my favorite work, communicate with friends, and even go out for a walk with my wife.

Of course, at that time I did not know anything about osteoporosis and musculoskeletal diseases in general. In fact, I had not even heard the term “osteoporosis”. Instead of changing my lifestyle and taking medication to help strengthen my bones and improve my health, I continued to live the same way I used to live.

Unfortunately, after some time, I sustained a hip fracture after accidentally slipping on the wet asphalt. After the operation to implant a hip prosthesis, I again continued to live, as before, without getting any treatment.

After a while, having fallen again, I sustained yet another hip fracture. And only then (!), after consulting with specialists, was I diagnosed with osteoporosis, and understood that this disease should be seriously addressed. Of course, all this was extremely painful and required systematic treatment.

After the treatment, I began to feel better. I now continue to work in the theater and to act in films. When my doctor saw me in the performance, she was surprised that with two fractures of the femoral neck and with a fracture of the spine I “live” so vigorously on stage and even dance a little bit. But I’m not telling my audience how much effort my acting on stage requires!

And so, having experienced so much agony and pain, I would like to advise all (and especially the younger generation) that, beginning when in youth, you should love your bones and strengthen them, so that pain and anguish does not lead you to a sad state in your later years.

Just imagine: You start walking with a cane, moving along the street cautiously, fearing to touch something hard and avoiding an accidental push from someone - with your only thought being how “not to fall down”. That means, you are always thinking about the dangers that are waiting for you at every step. In addition, other health issues appear! Do you need such a “bouquet” in old age? I personally think not. It is a pity that I thought about it far too late ...

But we have great doctors who can always help us. They have both special medical equipment and proven treatment regimens. They provide us with both psychological and physical assistance, and this allows us to hope for the best.

But it would be much better and safer if a person began to take care of his health at an earlier age. So I advise all: please, try hard to prevent osteoporosis and its severe consequences! Take regular exercise, watch your nutrition, get enough calcium and vitamin D. Think not only about yourself, but also about your loved ones, about the people around you, about your work, so that you can continue to do it for many more years!

Take care of your bones, Take care of yourself, After all, no wonder they say That “health is a treasure”!

Your Victor Grigoryuk, Honoured Actor of Russia