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Nominate a Woman of Steel

The Women of Steel Project

Who are your #WomenOfSteel? This year, nominate someone who you think is a true Woman of Steel - with grit, determination and strength, inside and out. We’ll do the rest.

You are surrounded by them – the strong women who have supported you throughout your life but who sometimes get taken for granted. Your mothers, grandmothers, sisters, daughters, family and friends. Now, the International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) wants to salute and celebrate their strength, both inside and out.

Nominate a strong woman in your life to be one of the IOF’s Women Of Steel.

For the next year and as part of the World Osteoporosis Day campaign, 20 October, we will select and highlight one woman of steel every month on our Facebook page and on our website at www.iofbonehealth.org and www.worldosteoporosis.org. Selection will be made by our executive committee based on the power of your story and the difference they have made to yours and other peoples’ lives.

In addition to being featured, they will be honoured with their own personalized poster, and may have the chance to share their story at an event organized by the IOF’s local affiliate in their city*

Based in Switzerland, the IOF is committed to developing awareness of osteoporosis, its causes, prevention and treatment, globally.

*Only in cities with local IOF affiliates.

Nomination Process

IOF will launch the Women of Steel campaign alongside the World Osteoporosis Day 2013 campaign.  The Women of Steel campaign will be an ongoing project that will continue over the following years. 

For our committee members, stakeholders and the general public, there will be two ways to nominate women to the Women of Steel program. 

Facebook  nominations can also be made through the Facebook Women of Steel nomination widget.  This application is being finalized and will be made public shortly at www.facebook.com/iofbonehealth

Email  nominations can be sent directly to info@iofbonehealth.org

Nomniations should include:

Name  the nominees full name, plus email address
Why  a short summary of why this person is being nominated (300 words max.)
Story  a longer description of the nominee’s story, including detail on what makes this person a good candidate to be an IOF Woman of Steel.