Falls Prevention Awareness Day ✌️‼️

Falls Institute of India ( FII) is Organising A Yearly Event , in which we will be spreading awareness regarding Falls and Fragility Fracture Prevention, Osteoporosis Medications, Exercises, Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment ( CGA ) etc. There will be 20 stalls, 5 speakers.

All speaker will give Powerful Power Point Presentation. The event will be organised on 30 September 23 bet 4pm to 6pm . The expected attendance of Older Adults ( OA) will be between 250-300 . The attendees will be given T-Shirts , snacks, Dr Bajaj Stump Stick ( DBSS) etc . The event will end by Group Photo. OA will be encouraged to do CGA, DEXA Scan with 50% discounts in MRP.

Event info:

Friday, September 22, 2023 to
Friday, October 20, 2023

Nagpur , India

Falls Institute of India

Organized by:

Falls Institute of India ( FII)

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