First Osteoporosis Prevention Week in Russia

 How the First Osteoporosis Prevention Week was held in Yaroslavl, Russia

The first All-Russian Osteoporosis Prevention Week, announced by the order of the Russian Ministry of Health from October 16 to 22, has come to an end. It was held within the framework of the World Osteoporosis Day held worldwide on October 20 by the International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF).

The IOF also includes Russian organizations – the All- Russian Society of Patients "Osteorus" (headed by Professor Olga Ershova) and the Russian Association on Osteoporosis (RAOP, headed by Professor Olga Lesnyak). Every year based on osteoporosis centers and by the efforts of doctors and activists-patients all over the country educational activities aimed at preventing the development of the disease are organized.

Yaroslavl is deservedly the flagship of osteoporosis prevention, and the events are held during the whole year.

10.10.2023 - a lecture was held in the orphanage "Solnechny", which was conducted by Dr.Kseniya  Belova PhD/

17.10.2023- lectures for schoolchildren and teachers of schools №4 and №3 were held in Yaroslavl. Master classes were held in the children's art gallery at the Pilgrimage center of the Yaroslavl diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church. In the orphanage "Solnechny" a master class within the framework of the All-Russian children's drawing contest "To make bones stronger: tips in pictures" was  conducted by the artist Vladimir  Reutov. 

A drawing master class was also held at the Sunday school at the Meeting of  Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Temple  church in Yaroslavl. A virtual lecture at Yaroslavl School No. 4 was given by Dr. Zulfiya Matyakubova from the Yaroslavl Regional Treatment and Diagnostic Center for Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis at the Emergency Hospital named after  N.V. Solovyov. The same doctor gave an online lecture at the Gerontological Social Service center “Norsky”  of the Yaroslavl Region. Doctor Valentina Dzhalatova from the Regional Osteoporosis Prevention Center at the Yaroslavl Regional Clinical Hospital for War Veterans gave a lecture at School No. 3. The children asked questions and showed interest in following the recommendations on the topic of healthy lifestyle beneficial for strong bones.

A number of teachers from Yaroslavl schools are actively involved in promoting nutrition culture and healthy lifestyle among schoolchildren and also contribute professionally to this process to make it interesting for the children to learn new topics, intersecting with the tasks of the educational process. For example, Irina Peneva, Olga Zabelina, teachers of English and Irina Verbetskaya (a drawing teacher) at School No. 4 regularly participate in educational events on osteoporosis prevention and use recommendations of IOF and “Osteorus”. This year, as well as last year, the children prepared video clips on the topic. Four years ago, Irina Peneva was the first to respond to the experiment of in-depth study of a foreign language in the thematic framework of bone health education. Together with Margarita Zakharova, a colleague from School No. 3, they developed methodological recommendations for a number of lessons. They sent the pedagogical developments to the Russian professional online journal “English at School”, so that other teachers could use them and encourage children to understand the importance of maintaining their bone health.


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Monday, October 16, 2023

Yaroslavl , Russia


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