First Osteoporosis Prevention Week in Russia pt. 2

The foreign language studio "LingvArts" annually participates in the events of the World Osteoporosis Day. The head of the studio Taisiya Ponomareva shows initiative in this direction and looks for new forms of presenting information to the children, expands their horizons and language base, which pleases the students and increases their level of knowledge about bone health .  

In the Yaroslavl Pedagogical College, teacher Marina Ermolava conducted a special lesson in four groups of the 2nd year students on the topic of osteoporosis prevention from a young age, where the main message was to keep physically active and follow a culture of healthy eating. College students drew  some educational posters.

Elena Leonchuk, the head of the public organization "Yaroslavl Nordic Walking Club "Nordic-Yar" actively supports the topic of prevention of osteoporosis. She is a certified trainer. Every year master classes are held, to which fans of physical activity come to learn about the benefits of this sport.


25.10.2023 An educational event on healthy way of life and osteoporosis prevention was held with the children in one of the kindergartens in Rybinsk.(Yaroslavl region) Alyona Ovcharenko, assistant of the Department of Therapy, Pediatrics Faculty of YSMU (Yaroslavl State Medical University) told the kids in an adapted form about the benefits of exercise, healthy eating and walks in the fresh air to keep their bones healthy. In this institution there is a project "Polyclinic for Mishka"- “Teddy- Bear”). It is a playroom representing a medical office, where children play doctors - dress up in white coats and treat the teddy- bear.  An animator bunny helped to conduct the activity, which delighted the children.

The first All-Russian Osteoporosis Prevention Week has come to an end, but the educational activities of the “Osteorus” patient society continue throughout the year. “Osteorus” volunteers have been educating the population of Yaroslavl on this topic since 2005. At first it was a one day event with lectures to patients and media appearances by doctors. Seeing that the society has a need for information, they started to hold events not only on October 20, but also on other dates. As a result, for several years now, awareness-raising events have been organized throughout the year, in different audiences, with the involvement of the education system and children's audiences. Activists of the “Osteorus” patient society believe that the result of the activities of the public and physicians from RAOP is to raise awareness among the authorities about the importance of education and  osteoporosis  prevention. And this was evidenced by the order of the Ministry of Health to hold the All-Russian Osteoporosis Prevention Week. There is one more important thing about WOD-23 osteoporosis events: the professors and students of the Yaroslavl State Medical University have been actively involved in them.


Galina Evstifeeva, Victoria Sotskova


Event info:

Monday, October 16, 2023

, Russia


Organized by:

“Osteorus” and RAOP

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