#RunUpForBoneHealth WithAllergyCare

#RunUpForBoneHealthWithAllergyCare - World Osteoporosis Day Social Media Campaign Event

The #RunUpForBoneHealthWithAllergyCare challenge is a free running event designed to emphasize the importance of strong bones and a healthy lifestyle.

With World Osteoporosis Day as its backdrop, this event is aligned with the IOF's mission of promoting bone health awareness worldwide.

Participants of all ages and fitness levels are invited to join us in a collective effort to raise awareness and inspire action.

Why #RunUpForBoneHealthWithAllergyCare Matters: Osteoporosis is a global health concern. As a silent disease, its prevention begins with awareness and education.

By organizing the #RunUpForBoneHealthWithAllergyCare, we aim to:

1. Raise Awareness: We believe that informed individuals are more likely to prioritize bone health. Through the event's reach on social media, local communities, and colleagues, we intend to spread knowledge about osteoporosis risk factors and prevention strategies.

2. Promote Physical Activity: Physical activity, including running, is a key component of maintaining strong bones. Our event serves as a platform to encourage individuals to embrace an active lifestyle, which is essential for bone health.

3. Support IOF's Mission: We are inspired by the International Osteoporosis Foundation's dedication to preventing osteoporotic fractures and promoting a world without osteoporosis. The #RunUpForBoneHealthWithAllergyCare event aligns with IOF's objectives and seeks to contribute to these efforts.

Thanks to the IOF's resources, we have created distinctive T-shirts for our AllergyCare team members who will be participating in the #RunUpForBoneHealthWithAllergyCare event on October 20th. 

Further information: www.allergycare.ch

Event info:

Friday, October 20, 2023

Adliswil , Switzerland

AllergyCare AG

Organized by:

AllergyCare AG


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