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VIEW EVENT INFORMATION: In Serbia, more than 600,000 people suffer from osteoporosis, and the number is only increasing. Today, October 20, is World Osteoporosis Day, and the campaign is dedicated to raising awareness, first of all, about prevention, but also about the diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis. That's why this year's slogan is "Build Better Bones". Physiotherapists from the Institute for Treatment and Rehabilitation "Niška Banja" joined this campaign again this year. They presented the citizens with advice and a practical display of exercises on how to fight this disease. Currently, more than 600,000 patients in Serbia suffer from osteoporosis, a disease that causes the bones to become weak and fragile and therefore break easily.

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Friday, October 20, 2023

Niška Banja , Serbia

Institut „Niška Banja”

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Institut „Niška Banja”

Institut „Niška Banja”

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