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World Osteoporosis Day, marked on October 20th each year, is a prime time to put the spotlight on osteoporosis. Below, read about this year’s campaign theme, and how you can get involved and support the campaign in a number of ways.

About the 2023 World Osteoporosis Day Campaign

With this year’s tagline of ‘Build Better Bones’, IOF will highlight the importance of a bone-healthy lifestyle as the foundation for strong bones and a mobile, fracture-free future. New posters and related resources and communications will urge the public and patients to build better bones by ensuring:

• Regular weight-bearing & muscle-strengthening exercise

• A nutritious bone-healthy diet and adequate vitamin D

• No smoking and avoiding excessive alcohol intake

• Early awareness of risk factors – and if at risk, seek testing and treatment if appropriate

As well, the campaign will include the following messages and resources:

• Introduce the new Build Better Bones platform with easy to follow exercise and nutrition guidance for people with osteoporosis and their caregivers.

• Raise awareness of the important role of Fracture Liaison Services for people who have already fractured will be reflected in campaign messages and resources.

• Information about the burden of osteoporosis to raise awareness among healthcare professionals and health authorities, who will be urged to ensure that people at fracture risk have timely access to diagnosis and treatment, including post-fracture care.

> Learn more about the campaign and download the Campaign Toolkit and WOD logos

> Download this year’s WOD posters and social media banners

Hold an event - share our resources

Through social media or a WOD event of your own, you can support the cause and help spread our ‘Take action for bone health’ message locally. We provide many posters and infographics (in multiple languages) which can be downloaded and displayed at your event, in your office or school.

World Osteoporosis Day, marked on October 20th each year, is a prime time to put the spotlight on osteoporosis. You can get involved and support the campaign in a number of ways.

Global patient charter

Show your commitment on this year's World Osteoporosis Day by signing the IOF Global Patient Charter. You will be joining a worldwide call for improved patient care, and helping to raise the profile of this silent disease among healthcare authorities worldwide. By voicing our concern collectively, we can all help to make fracture prevention a global health priority.

Add your voice to our global call for osteoporosis patient rights

Share your story

Are you living with osteoporosis or taking steps to make your bone health a priority?
We want to hear your story. Submit it to to have your story highlighted in our patient stories section.

Find a world osteoporosis day event near you

Stay tuned for news on local World Osteoporosis Day Events organized by national societies in your region.
If you are a national society or organization interested in putting on a World Osteoporosis Day event, download our toolkit and register your event here to gain visibility on our World Osteoporosis Day events map.

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Contact your local osteoporosis society

If you have osteoporosis, contact your local osteoporosis society which can provide helpful information and support. A list of IOF member societies is available here.