The sooner we learn about the fragility of bones, the easier it is to help them recover!

1. The Osteoporosis Center offers free consultations of doctors.

2. Patients' education. Nurses will present PPT presentations to the population. IOF booklets will be distributed, FRAX calculation will be made. The correct intake of calcium-rich foods will be explained.

3. Doctors' education. Seminars for doctors at the osteoporosis center with the participation of leading specialists. All events use IOF promotional materials.

4. A project to help poor people is also being carried out, within the framework of which densitometry, laboratory tests and consultations with doctors are provided free of charge.

Event info:

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Yerevan , Armenia

Osteoporosis Center

Organized by:

Armenian Osteoporosis Association

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