UCB campaign ‘Question Fractures More’

To mark this year’s World Osteoporosis Day on 20 October, UCB launched QUESTION FRACTURES MORE – a creative campaign designed to raise awareness of osteoporosis as the underlying cause of fragility fractures, and to inspire action amongst those at high-risk and their loved ones to help prevent future fractures.

The campaign features a range of exciting, educational content across UCB.com and UCB social media channels, encouraging audiences to assess everyday scenarios that can lead to fragility fractures, and identify osteoporosis as the underlying cause. In doing so, the campaign reinforces fragility fractures as a warning sign of the disease and acts as a call to action to prevent secondary fractures.

Additionally, UCB is proud to continue its longstanding partnership with the International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF), who organises WOD every year. UCB will be supporting IOF’s multiple projects to collaboratively establish osteoporosis as a national health priority across the globe.


Read more about the campaign here https://www.ucb.com/Our-company/magazine/detail/article/World-Osteoporosis-Day-2022-Question-Fractures-More

Event info:

Monday, October 17, 2022

, Belgium

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