World Osteoporosis Day in Amman, Jordan

The Islamic Hospital in Amman, Jordan, which is internationally accredited has celebrated the occasion of the World Osteoporosis Day, under the theme of (Step Up for Bone Health - Build Better Bones)

The celebration was conducted at the hospital for the patients, their families and for the employees. In addition, the celebration was done at the local community centers and included the following activities:

  • Message from the Administration of the Islamic Hospital to the target groups with the title (Strengthen your Bones and Avoid Osteoporosis). The message was clear for encouraging the community to adopt a healthy lifestyle (Baby Steps Can Make a Big Difference in your Bones Health).
  • Conducted educational campaigns at the hospital and at the community centers (schools, universities, governmental and non-governmental organizations)
  • Nutrition Exhibitions displaying Bones - Friendly Foods to consume such as low/non-fat dairy products, unsalted nuts/seeds, eggs, fish, tuna and other sea food, and caffeine. The exhibition also included non-healthy foods that contain lots of sugar, salt, refined CHO, saturated and hydrogenated fats to limit.
  • Launched a smoking cessation program and no alcoholic drink.
  • Shared too many educational messages to the community for healthy bones.
  • Focused extensively on learning the risk factors for Osteoporosis as awareness, measurement for Vitamin D, calcium, bone mass, lipids, BMI and others.
  • Launched a free of charge Bones Mass Measurement Program for the community to combat Osteoporosis.
  • Enhanced the performance of regular exercises for the community members.
  • Developed sets of healthy recipes for bone - friendly foods and other guidelines for the importance of getting adequate sleep and stress management.
  • Used the Islamic Hospital media resources to spread the knowledge about bone care.
  • Provided special discount for the lab tests and medical procedures for better bone health.

The above programs were conducted in collaboration with Orthopedic and Sport Medicine Center at the Islamic Hospital, Nutrition Clinic, Physical Therapy Center, Community Health, Human Resources and Public Relations Department in addition to Management.

Event info:

Friday, October 20, 2023

Amman , Jordan

The Islamic Hospital

Organized by:

Islamic Hospital

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