World Osteoporosis Day Roundtable

On October 20th, FIRMO will bring together in Rome, in the Capranichetta Hall, some of the leading specialists, experts in the field, for a Round Table on the theme of Communicating the Risk of Fracturing to the Patient and will start from 11.00. It will be an opportunity to discuss the new Guidelines, recently published thanks to the effort of the FRAME coalition, on the important fields of action of the Observatory on Fragility Fractures and on other active projects, such as the FLS Project, the IMPACT Project and the Fragility Fractures Project of the Superior Health Council.

The meeting will include presentations by IOF Treasurer and board member Professor René Rizzoli as well as Professors Maria Luisa Brandi, Stefano Gonnelli, Giovanni Corrao, Salvo Leone, Francesco Falez, Maurizio Rossini, Luca Sangiorgi, Paolo Veronesi, Antonio Tomassini, Paolo Tranquilli Leali, Iacopo Chiodini, Andrea Giustina. The Roundtable can be followed by interested parties, starting from 11.00 am, live online from the Facebook page of the FIRMO Foundation or by connecting to the live streaming .


Event info:

Thursday, October 20, 2022

Rome , Italy

Capranichetta Hall, Rome

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