Valentina Kormakova

Age 89 • Russia

Patient story

"I was diagnosed with osteoporosis about 20 years ago, when I broke the humerus bone in my upper arm. It was my first fracture.

This was when I first heard about osteoporosis, the ‘silent’ disease. I did not even immediately understand what the doctors were telling me, and moreover I did not understand what the consequences could be. Of course, at first, I tried to follow the doctor’s recommendations, but over time, all this was forgotten. It’s something I now regret.

A while later I fell at home and sustained a hip fracture. Doctors say this is the most serious complication of osteoporosis – as indeed it is. I had an operation to repair the hip and once recovered, I was able to walk again. While I was happy to be mobile again, since the fracture I have no longer been able to walk as easily as before. This is also due to the multiple vertebral (spinal) fractures which were revealed upon further testing. Still, being mobile is certainly better than staying motionless in bed with a broken hip!

Osteoporosis has changed my life: it has slowed me down and has made me more cautious. I’m constantly afraid of falling again and breaking another bone.
For the past two years I have been treated regularly under the supervision of a very caring doctor. I also have my family’s support and help. Fortunately, there have been no further fractures during this time.


Valentina Russia


I know that osteoporosis runs in families, and so I can only hope that my daughter will not also suffer from this terrible disease. At least I know that, even if it happens, osteoporosis can now be successfully treated thanks to experienced doctors and new drugs.

The important thing is to be diagnosed early and to follow all the recommendations that will help you keep your bones strong and fracture-free."